Many companies offer microbial soil amendments and organic fertilizers, but here at EndoDynamic, we know that there is much more to treating the soil.  Our science-based technologies & techniques address the water your plants receive from your water sources. We address the atmosphere/ air your plants breathe utilizing our patent-pending trade secret system called AG3.
Advanced Agriculture to the 3rd Power
A constant interplay between what is occurring below the surface with what is going on above it, a Dynamic Endogenous flow of energetics.

The atmospheric awakening of cellular metabolic processes, including digestive, Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts. Most actual growth (mitosis or cell division) occurs above the surface of the soil which produces blossoming, flowering and fruiting. When these processes are functioning properly, the ebb and flow of energetics perpetuate healthy growth.

In the soil, there is established patterning and energetics for plant digestion (provision of moisture and minerals which are taken up via enzymatic exchange with microbes in the soil and nitrogen fixation conducted in cooperation with nitrogen xing microbes as symbiotic partners in the work). Nutritive patterns of the soil revolve around reactive minerals, whereas those of the atmosphere revolve around silica (Si).


In the complete Endogenous Dynamics technology package called Ag3 (Ag cubed), agriculture to the third power, we combine our trade secret “Plant Chant” sound technology along with our trademarked Root 2 Fruit Nutribalance amendment and atmospheric enhancement. 

A key to our technology is the reintroduction of balance and harmony to plants via frequencies referred to as isochronic waves or nanotechnologically generated tones. The plant will utilize the water source in the atmosphere similar to the way giant Redwood trees do every day. This advanced approach yields results that are superior to both quality and quantity to traditional agriculture methods in use today.