Many companies offer microbial soil amendments and organic fertilizers, but here at EndoDynamic, we know that there is much more to treating the soil.  Our science-based technologies & techniques address the water your plants receive from your water sources, but more importantly, we address the atmosphere/ air your plants breathe utilizing our patent-pending trade secret system called AG3. By tapping into the vibrational resonance of the plant and its surroundings, we guide them back into circadian rhythms present all around, returning them to the natural rhythm of nature.
Advanced Agriculture to the 3rd Power
A constant interplay between what is occurring below the surface with what is going on above it, a Dynamic Endogenous flow of energetics.

Our entire philosophy is based on the three elements which are contributing to world hunger today: PRODUCTION, TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE.

The main reasons for world hunger today are either insufficient production (the lands are not yielding enough food to feed everyone in that area of the world), inefficient transportation (regions that can produce more are wasting that yield through transportation logistical problems) and storage (once production or delivery of the crops, there is a lack of storage facilities for them).


In our complete Endogenous Dynamics technology package called Ag3 (Ag cubed), agriculture to the third power, we combine our trade secret Plant Chant sound technology along with our trademarked Root 2 Fruit Nutribalance amendment and atmospheric enhancement and our water rejuvenation system to create the prerequisites for a successful and high yielding harvest. 

A key to our technology is the reintroduction of balance and harmony to plants via frequencies referred to as isochronic waves or nanotechnologically generated tones. The plant will utilize the water source in the atmosphere similar to the way giant Redwood trees do every day. This advanced approach yields results that are superior to both the quality and quantity of traditional agriculture methods in use today, seeing yearly increases of up to 35-40%.

In addition, by following the 5 steps to endo, farmers across the world can use our agricultural system to become organic certified in 5 simple steps, all while rejuvenating their soil and increasing yields.





Currently, shipping is done in superbags, which have the tendency to breach, leading to a 10-15% waste during transportation. So we’ve patented an intermodular system of transportation that completely eliminates waste and spillage, is better balanced and evenly distributed on the transportation vessels, literally outperforming the soon-to-be obsolete methods of shipping used today. Our containers have a patented pop-up pad eye that is safer and better secured than current methods of ties and straps used currently.

The units are fully stackable and can travel on flatbed railcars, is loadable from top units gravity feeding to lower units in the same amount of time it would take to load a standard covered cart. Boxes don’t have to be removed to fill up.

Our system fully converts flatbed rail cars into covered cars at 20% of the cost, reduces the number of touches/handling by 50%, and spillage waste to 0.


By solving the problem of transportation, we strive to bring the much-needed food resources of the world to where they are most needed. Since land is not the same everywhere, the only way to truly end world hunger is a flow of food towards areas that are highly populated by the less fortunate when it comes to agriculture and food resources.


Not only does our transportation system solve logistic issues related to moving resources, but they intermodular design and patented interconnectivity makes them the perfect stackable portable silo replacement.

No more losses and costs added by handling the food, moving it from shipping containers to storage, and no more storage space limitation problems. Our stackable system can be directly placed on flatbeds (the most common type of rail cars, found everywhere around the world), but they can be directly placed on location, on the farm, where they can be used as storage capacity for an unlimited amount of time.

The gravitational feeder allows for easy operation, and the composite materials used in fabrication ensure the quality of the produce inside stays the same for long periods of time.