Agriculture is by far the single most important economic activity in Africa. It provides employment for about two-thirds of the continent’s working population and for each country contributes an average of 30 to 60 per cent of gross domestic product and about 30 per cent of the value of exports.  Nonetheless, arable land and land under permanent crops occupy only about 6 per cent of Africa’s total land area.

With an ample workforce and enormous potential, Africa has all the prerequisites to quickly become the world’s granary. Yet, currently, its nations are struggling to feed their populations, relying on costly imports to cover the deficit. Below average rainfall, lack of irrigation in some areas, pests, over-cropping the soil, draining it of nutrients and post-harvest losses, all contribute to this.

Intense agriculture has left the lands unbalanced, lacking the microbial life needed to regenerate and yielding less and less every year. To try and fix this, most countries expanded the arable surfaces. That quickly backfired, as to do so they had to undergo mass de-forestations and de-wildings, eliminating everything in the process: flora, fauna and almost all life, from animals to microbes, and turning our planet into a hot ball of dust. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW!

After extensive development, testing and pilot programs across the globe, we are confident to say that our microbial soil amendments, paired with our innovative delivery system adding vibration and sound into the equation, are the solution to this problem. With clear results in all levels of agriculture, be it small farming or large scale, the AG3 system is the first and only solution in the world today to address the agricultural problem from the plants’ point of view, rather than our own.

The range of products we have developed throughout the years are a perfect solution to these aching problems African agriculture is facing, as they require minimal logistics and simple machinery, all while offering unmatched results.

Our line of microbial soil amendments and our patented delivery systems were developed to serve every farmer, big or small, wherever they may be across the globe.

By growing more crops, of better quality and in harmony with the land they work on, by working with nature rather than forcing it to our own will, we set out to help and teach the farmers of the world how to live off the bounty of nature without harming it (and harming us in the long run). But in doing this, we always had Africa in mind.

Humanity needs feeding if it is to continue its growth. So in order to evolve, as a species, we need to make better use of what we have. And Africa fits like a glove into this description.

By using our microbial soil amendments, African countries can revitalise their existing arable lands, expand to new ones and increase overall production and quality, all while working with their lands, rather than off them.

This is why we have pledged to make Africa our priority; it is time we paid our dues to the mother continent. We are currently implementing our innovative microbial soil amendments in partner countries across the African continent, in what we believe will be a systemic rejuvenation of the arable fertile lands and an African Revival.


By using microbial soil amendments, we plan to offer a solution to help African farmers increase the quality and quantity of their yields, and therefore their profits. Raising income from agriculture will offer African states an influx of revenue in their GDP that will allow them to further develop all branches of the economy and society. 

We called our vision the African Revival because by rejuvenating agriculture, by improving the quality of produce, and by making it sufficient to feed the entire population and even export excess, a true revival of the African continent can really happen. For them, by them. And as the entire world faces more strenuous times ahead, with world hunger indexes skyrocketing due to supply chain and production inconsistencies, a strong African agriculture is the solution we’ve all been desperate to find. 



Whether you’re a home farmer or a big enterprise, you too can help make the world better. Be part of the change and join us in solving the world’s food safety issue.

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