Endodynamic began its journey at our small vineyard in Redwood Valley California, on a mission to grow natural grapes with exceptional quality that could be bottled into the finest wines in the region. We began our research by embracing the philosophy of “A return to beginnings”, using the ancestral approach of communicating with mother nature using sounds, dance vibrations and music.

Through modern technology, we quickly discovered that it was possible to tune-into various frequencies and “communicate” with different micro and macroscopical organisms. From microbes to bacteria, from enzymes to plant nutrient intake, roots, seedlings, brix and entire ecosystems such as vineyards, they all reacted and modified their behavior based on various vibrations. Together with University Experts in agronomy, we perfected our methods and research, leading to more incredible breakthroughs, increased delivery efficiency and a complete understanding of the power of what is now known as AG3, Advanced Agriculture to the third power.

Agriculture is by far the single most important economic activity in Africa. It provides employment for about two-thirds of the continent’s working population and for each country contributes an average of 30 to 60 per cent of gross domestic product and about 30 per cent of the value of exports.  Nonetheless, arable land and land under permanent crops occupy only about 6 per cent of Africa’s total land area.

With an ample workforce and enormous potential, Africa has all the prerequisites to quickly become the world’s granary. Yet, currently, its nations are struggling to feed their populations, relying on costly imports to cover the deficit. Below average rainfall, lack of irrigation in some areas, pests, over-cropping the soil, draining it of nutrients and post-harvest losses, all contribute to this.

Intense agriculture has left the lands unbalanced, lacking the microbial life needed to regenerate and yielding less and less every year. To try and fix this, most countries expanded the arable surfaces. That quickly backfired, as to do so they had to undergo mass de-forestations and de-wildings, eliminating everything in the process: flora, fauna and almost all life, from animals to microbes, and turning our planet into a hot ball of dust. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW!

Of the incredible world of microorganisms

Seedling Harvest Root 2 Fruit is our microbial, patented soil amendment, enhanced with specifically programmed bacteria and enzymes, carefully selected for their qualities and for the benefits they bring to the plants and brix.

This bio-messenger, in which we have blended various elements, otherwise individually incompatible with each-other, in such a manner that they cooperate and collaborate, acts both in the soil and in the atmospheric area of the plants.

In the soil, it encourages the patterning and energetics required for plant digestion (provision of moisture and minerals which are taken up via enzymatic exchange with microbes in the soil and nitrogen fixation conducted in cooperation with nitrogen fixing microbes as symbiotic partners in work). Nutritive patterns of the soil revolve around reactive minerals, whereas those of the atmosphere revolve around silica (Si).

Up in the atmospheric section (above ground) awakening of cellular metabolic processes, including digestive (Photosynthesis) happens in the chloroplasts. Most of the actual growth of a plant (mitosis or cell division) occurs above the surface of the soil, which produces blossoming, flowering and fruiting. Our system ensures the background processes are functioning properly, and the ebb and flow of energetics perpetuate healthy growth.

Plant Chant Stimulus & Sonic Max
Technology and biology, seamlessly working together

Plant Chant Stimulus is our trade secret, copyrighted soundtrack for plant stimulation and energetic acceleration of plant growth. Put simply, it is the set of instructions which, like an orchestra director, coordinates all the biological elements involved and sets them to the same tune, working together.

As part of the AG3 package, you gain access to our library of soundtracks allowing you to download and play these sounds through the Sonic Max system.

The Sonic Max is a wireless sound system, functioning in a hive-pattern and allowing for ample area coverage. It consists of waterproof module which is powered using solar cells and uses long-range private broadcast connectivity to stay connected to the entire system and deliver the soundtrack when it is required and where it is required.

By administering the soundtrack at exact moments throughout the days and the seasons, we offer a continuous flow of vibrational information which encourages and helps both microbial life and plants to thrive and fulfill their biological processes at an improved rate, while also offering protective signals which help plants engage their natural defensive systems.


The Hybrid Crossfuser is a trade secret, patent pending water conditioning system, using a combination of technologies to reduce water consumption, omit harmful elements and structure/blend nutrients to improve the hydration and health of crops.

The Crossfuser comes in 3 models, each an improved version of the previous, and ensures that water delivery to the plant and soil is done through a modern filtration system, emphasizing coverage to volume and thus reducing water waste.

By creating vortex streams and by forcing the water to follow specific shaped patterns before delivery, makes the water molecules flow with ease and arrange themselves in a way that improves nutrient transportation and plant water absorption, replicating natural water circuits behavior.

The crossfuser works together with the Sonic Audiomax and the soil amendment to create the complete 3-sided advanced agricultural system AG3, in a simple, easy to use and ship solution for small farmers and home gardeners.


Phase I – The first phase of the process (the first year) requires amending the existing soil, starting the process of breaking through the salt barrier. This happens within weeks of application and as a result, it allows for the conglomerate of previously applied fertilizers to pass that salt barrier and filter down through the soil, cleaning it up while also using that fertilizer within the soil for the plant’s benefit. Therefore, while amending the soil, microbes are bringing previously wasted nutrition back to the root bulbs of the plants.

Phase II – Begins in the second year and is an ongoing process, in which we continue to amend the soil, while adding specific enzymes and additional microbes to enhance soil fertilization and hit the hydration and nutritional sweet-spot.

By the 5th year, following our application table, a farmer can qualify to be certified as organic. This time allows for the chemical fertilizers to be exhausted from the soil. During this 5-year period, there will be substantial development in both quality and quantity of the produce, as suggested by ongoing scientifically backed tests and by the tracked evolution of the soils within our own testing laboratories. In comparison to traditional fertilization methods, overall costs are cut in half.


By far the most affordable, natural way of reaching organic certification, out system works with the farmer, by increasing his yield on average by at least 30% in the first years, and then offering spectacular results once the soil has been amended, generating fresh, healthy and tasty organic agricultural produce.


From the very beginning, we developed our AG3 system with Africa in mind. We believe it was the logical way to go, as our product was developed following the ways of the nature, a path set in stone by our African ancestors in the first agricultural settlements. More in-tune with their surroundings, closer to the frequency of nature, they understood the subtle art of chanting to the elements.

In developing the commercial characteristics of our system, we wanted to create the perfect product for the African agriculture market, where the bulk majority of farming is done by small farmers and home gardeners*. We identified potential roadblocks and worked around organizational and infrastructure deficits, and created, we believe, a game-changer for the agriculture and economy of the entire African continent.

We managed to reduce our soil amendment to a concentrated solution which keeps its properties when diluted at a 25:1 rate, compared to a 8:1 maximum rate offered by other chemical amendments. Just with that, the cost to the farmer is reduced by

By using our microbial soil amendments, African countries can revitalise their existing arable lands, expand to new ones and increase overall production and quality, all while working with their lands, rather than off them.

This is why we have pledged to make Africa our priority; it is time we paid our dues to the mother continent. We are currently implementing our innovative microbial soil amendments in partner countries across the African continent, in what we believe will be a systemic rejuvenation of the arable fertile lands and an African Revival.

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