We are proud to introduce AG3 Endoingenious, our exclusive, tiered members club backed by NFT collections (minted on the Ethereum network and published on OpenSea – the world’s largest NFT Marketplace).


Our club’s goal and purpose is to promote and make our ground-breaking soil amendments and agricultural systems available to as many as possible, as soon as possible, in a corroborated effort to end world hunger once and for all.

It’s clear the coming global food crisis is already here! Skyrocketing inflation and financial and market instability overall means that in the next couple of years, an almost unbelievable 95% of the world’s population could be facing acute hunger. The situation is already dire in many parts of the world. Our business development team kept close contact with the ministries of agriculture in dozens of the countries most affected by this crisis, and their feedback was consistent: Time is of the essence, we must act now!”

From Kenya to Uganda, Zimbabwe to Tanzania, we hear the same message of how dire it already is but how much worse it’s going to get. We have to act now to save lives and relieve the suffering.

Unfortunately, none of the solutions of the past have given any results. “Guilting” the west into charity was never going to fix this, and now, with economies bracing for a major impact, it will not even be an option. Not to mention, no charity beats giving people the chance to thrive, rather than just survive, by giving them the chance to grow their own food, be self sufficient.

Our company has already invested significant amounts of time and money to perfect our technologies and business plan, so we are now inviting the people of the world to be part of an effort helping one another to make the difference needed. A mission of the people, by the people and a purpose driven initiative to solve the immediate food crisis.

Life, from meteorites to Earth, transforming it and us. Microorganisms in space and on the bottom of the oceans all contribute to life as we know and understand it. Our technology establishes a communication channel, making them work in our favor.

Although we blend our patented 25:1 concentrated trade secret microbial blend in the Woodlands of Texas, we have to install small satellite blending and bottling facilities in strategic hubs to fill the contracts we are negotiating. Once we place the infrastructure, with contracts demands being supplied, we can take our company public where the larger picture funding can be met. Our system has been tested globally against all the top microbial brands and we have outperformed them all! Our production and affiliate marketing plan is a global game changer when coupled with our patented AG-IST stackable modular transport system and Portable Silo units.

This is exactly what AG3 Endoingenious by Endodynamic is:  the club of people that are stamping out world hunger. And it’s not only a noble cause, but a great investment in our company. With shared revenues and affiliate royalties, along with the private placement discount on our stock when we elect to go public, make this an NFT campaign for the ages.

Your NFT purchase is going to take us across the line, so we are offering many perks and incentives to our club members and global affiliates. This is just the beginning, and we are giving you the chance to take this ride with us. We set out a far reaching goal for ourselves and we believe together we can make a huge difference in the global food crisis.


Each purchase of an NFT from one of our collections turns you into a member of our exclusive AG3 -Endoingenious club, which offers amazing perks backed by real world assets, a coherent exit strategy and a safe, reliable investment vehicle. There are 3 tiers of membership, based on the collection your NFT was purchased from:


1. “Our promise to the world” – The artwork in this collection is based on our promise to atone, abate and amend for the toxic chemicals left behind from fertilizers and pesticides.

2. “What a wonderful world” – The artwork for the NFTs in this collection is based on our core belief that great and wonderful things happen when microorganisms work in communion together to ensure the soil is nutrient rich.

3. “Out of this world” – Our stellar collection, and the highest membership tier in our AG3 club, this collection’s artwork is based on the journey life has made, from meteorites from outer space to the depths of the deepest oceans here on Earth, to our AG3 blend – Truly out of this world!


The artwork has been created and named to express and describe our vision origins, our desire, and the goal we set for ourselves of feeding the world through our organic agricultural solutions, meant to repair the bond between humanity and the land we live off.
The NFT holder receives the title of “EndoIngenious Ambassador”, which comes with its own framed Diploma, lapel, and button pins featuring our company logo. But more than just fancy titles, in essence, the NFT holder becomes a member of our team, receiving profit-share percentages, a vote in the annual General Assembly, and the monthly corporate newsletter with up-to-date information about our efforts and development. When the company will decide to go public, the NFT holders will receive a stock option valued at TWICE the face value of the NFTs they hold AND at a 15% discount from the listing price. Talk about smart exit strategies. The only thing you have to do is hold the NFTs for at least 2 years from purchase, all the while receiving your profit share and other perks.
Each NFT represents membership to a club whose members have the option to transform it into fractional ownership of the company. A real company, in the real world, with its own patents and a line of world changing products plus a commitment to end world hunger.


After you become its owner, the artwork tied to the NFT will be available for purchase, on our website, as printed lithographies of various sizes, giving the holder of the NFT an additional 10% of this revenue. Another 10% will go to the same charity of choice. We work with renowned print houses and international artists to make these available to the public. A custom-sized oil painting version will also be available for purchase.


We understand the importance of food in the coming times, and have made it our life goal to ensure everyone has enough. The previous approach of sending help to the regions stricken by hunger have proven inefficient or not enough. In order to solve this problem, we need to help humanity feed itself, wherever they are, whatever the conditions. We need to work with nature, amend the soils and reatune to the vibration of our Mother Earth. Our soil amendaments and microbial solutions do just that!
Endogenous Dynamics Operations LLC is a Texas limited liability company that has perfected a system for organic agriculture that can reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals or fertilizers, and dramatically increase crop yields. Our system incorporates key sound frequencies which are designed to work with microbial-based custom-blended fluids in a patented and trade secret-protected format.


The technology can be used to dramatically improve agricultural yields and the quality of the soil used, in addition to improving and increasing the shelf life of a wide range of products during transport and storage. We have already performed field tests in California, Europe, and Africa with independent validation of the results.


Our vision is to distribute our agricultural system to all countries of the world, helping farmers and small growers to increase the quality and quantity of their yields, thus solving humanity’s most stringent issue: world hunger.


By improving our soils, we go back to our origins, when we understood we’re dependent on nature to feed us and allow us to thrive, so we need to tune back to its frequency and use nature to improve nature.
James Dossey
MSE, MBA, CPA, JD, a very accomplished patent attorney, overseeing business operations.
Allen Lopez
Allen Lopez
The humble creator/innovator and owner of the patented AG3 system, a visionary committed to stamping out world hunger.
Williw Wu
Advisory board
20 years of experience in high tech manufacturing, holds an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and an MS Degree in Electrical Engineering
Advisory board
A financial professor with an MBA from Sloan School of Management with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Worchester Polytechnic Institute.
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You get twice the face value of the NFTs you hold for at least two years, as a stock option at 15% discount from listing price when the company goes public. See what we mean by real world assets?


Plus, 10% of the price of the NFT goes straight to a charity of your choice, that’s currently fighting to end world hunger. We make the deposit in your name, or if you should want to remain anonymous, we make it on behalf of the entire world. Because every little thing we do matters. And every bit of help helps.


Every sale of a print of a painting based on your NFT artwork sends 10% to you and another 10% of that to the same or another charity of your choice. The only thing that matters is that it tackles world hunger.


But that’s not all! We match that and give 10% of our yearly profits to charity as well. And with an estimated yearly profit of 150 million dollars, you can understand how the numbers quickly add up. Our goal is to reinvest the rest of it into more manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and knowledge and educational centers across the globe. Because we are on a mission: teach humanity how to feed itself again in balance with nature and  END WORLD HUNGER!
In love with the artwork of an NFT? You can now order litho prints and oil paintings of various sizes with that very artwork. Your home or office will be enriched with a genuine, serialized print or painting, together with a certificate of authenticity and the title of Endo Stellar, a supporter of our Vision to be awarded to you. A percentage of your purchase contributes to helping a charity which is on the same front of fighting world hunger.