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A Simple Guide to Organic Gardening

It seems anything and everything organic is all the rage these days. From produce to perfumes, just about everybody wants to jump on the au-naturel train. Luckily our beginner’s guide shows you how to start an organic garden with fool-proof tips, tricks and guidance that will ensure organic success.


Horticultural therapy

According to, Horticultural therapy (also known as social and therapeutic horticulture or STH) is defined by the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) as the engagement of a person in gardening and plant-based activities, facilitated by a trained therapist, to achieve specific therapeutic treatment goals.[1]

Endodynamic - Everything in nature has a vibration - Dial-In!

Interactive Map: Global hunger and Food Insecurity

Professor Patrick du Jardin, the Director of the Botanic Garden at the University of Liège in Gembloux, Belgium, says biostimulants are “defined by what they do” instead of what they are. What biostimulants do is alter the microbial content in soil to promote plant growth. These products are initiatives to contribute to sustainable agriculture.